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Hey all this is the final build (for now) for Rocket Crate!

This is a game that was inspired by skyscrapers in the city and the cranes that delivered materials to the higher floors and endless runners that usually run on "one and done" life systems.

Basically, you are test piloting the Rocket Crate Delivery system and you have to make it to the end of each level while avoiding the obstacles in your way.  However, if you get hit you can stop boosting up to repair your crate and then move forward - sacrifice progress and score for more life.

Credits are within the game: Check them out there!

Thanks for downloading and Playing!!!!

PS: Known Bugs: 

-There is a problem with the score storage system and I will look into it!

-There is no exit button, play the game windowed for now.


RocketCrateFinal.zip 45 MB

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